Colin's Munros


Am Faochagach, map 20; 14th August 2009

Route: 740m = 2435' ascent; 8.2 miles; 4hrs 40mins

Route: I failed to find much of a path between the Abhainn a'Gharbhrain and the col at Drochaid a' Ghlas Tuill, and always had to find my own route. The correct way is given by WalkHighlands.
The usual ford of the Abhainn a'Gharbhrain at NH2817475313 (GPS) has a bed of slippery rounded stones. If the river is low, the rocks can be used as stepping stones for a dry crossing. However, for higher volumes of water the river looks dangerous. An alternative is to cross higher up, almost at the loch. The river is shallowest at its widest point 150m S from Loch a'Gharbhrain by a reed bed, NH2818075557 (GPS). Here the river bed pebbles are much smaller and not slippery, the river is much wider and of a more consistent depth, and there are no concentrations of flow at any point, making it a safe point to cross. Even after prolonged heavy rain, I have waded across without any problem with water at most knee deep. The unavoidable penalty of crossing here is wet feet. However, the ¾ mile from the A835 to the river is over very boggy ground, so you may already have wet feet 😟.
Weather: Continuous rain, 13°C at car.

1410 Park by former weather station on A835 at NW end
of Loch Glascarnoch
270   00.0 milesNH27607430Orange
  From opposite side of A835, take path due N
to ford Abhainn a'Gharbhrain
272   51.1 milesNH2817475313 
  Ascend NE by Allt na h'Uidhe to col 5602952.4 milesNH29557710 
  NNE to Pt 845 8455803.1 milesNH2994578062 
1640 NNE to M Am Faochagach
(boring except for view)
9547154.0 milesNH3036079373Orange
  Return SSW/S to Pt 845 8457354.9 milesNH2994578062 
  SW to flat area 560 5.8 milesNH293767 
  Descend to river ford at exit from L.a'Gharbhrain
This is very flat, shallow and easy beside reed bed.
277 6.9 milesNH2818075557 
1850 Return by path S to A832 at weather station. 2707408.0 milesNH27607430Orange

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