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Sgairneach Mhor & Beinn Udlamain, Maps 42 & 393; 16th November 2005

Route: Ascent: 775m = 2540', 11.1 miles: 6 on track + 5 on hill; 4hr 5mins.

The W side of Sgairneach Mhor from Beinn Udlamain
showing the typical terrain of the area. The NE ridge of Sgairneach Mhor from Coire Dhomhain.

Comment: A short walk. It covers two of four adjacent Munros which can climbed in one go as here.
Access: From A9 near Pass of Drumochter. Park at P at NN633755 at pass summit, not the large parking marked on map, but the one before, i.e. 2nd P after end of dual carriageway, opposite summit sign on southbound carriageway, immediately N of corner of Allt Coire Dhomhain, and at start of track.
Route: A longer but easier crossing of the railway is described on the , where a route up the NE ridge of Sgairneach Mhor is given instead of the one here up the NNW ridge.
Weather: Some light cloud, mostly clear sky, light cold breeze, dusting of light, powdery snow. 2°C at car.
Terrain: Straightforward terrain throughout; good paths, excellent track.

1215 Park at P on A9 at pass summit, NN633755. 460   00.0 milesOrange
  Take cycle track 200yds S, then path to
railway bridge over river at NN632753
but cross railway to right (N) of bridge.
1315 Track W up Coire Dhomhain to end. (Good fast
track, but river difficult to cross. Need wellies
for crossing to preferable path up to E ridge.)
6301953.0 miles 
1400 S up N ridge to trig post of
M Sgairneach Mhor
9915554.0 milesNo Orange
1420 W to bealach at NN583728 810   
1450 NW/N to M Beinn Udlamain 10117556.2 milesOrange
1525 Straightforward direct descent (but some
heather) back to track end NN623741
630 8.1 miles 
1620 Return by track down Coire Dhomhain to A9. 46077511.1 milesOrange

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