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Sgairneach Mhor, Beinn Udlamain, A'Mharconaich & Geal-charn
Maps 42 & 393; 1st August 2007

Route: 1100m=3600' ascent, 15 miles, 5hrs 10mins.

The W side of Sgairneach Mhor from Beinn Udlamain The NE ridge of Sgairneach Mhor from Coire Dhomhain.

Access: Either park at Layby 81 on the northbound side of the A9 at the summit of Drumochter Pass, or park at Balsporran Cottages. There is a fine cycle track beside the A9 which connects the two points.
Route: Straightforward terrain throughout: easy short grass or moss on ridges. (In a hurry on this day in order to reach Cannich at a reasonable time.)
Although only a fairly average-sized walk, the route can easily be broken into two parts, each one covering two of the four Munros: Beinn Udlamain and Sgairneach Mhor would be done with both ascent and descent using Layby 81 and the track along Coire Dhomhain, whilst A'Mharconaich and Geal-charn would be done from Balsporran Cottages using their NE ridges.
The route is easily done either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Clockwise might be best when the prevailing SW wind is blowing.
In poor conditions there are many escape routes eastwards down ridges or along valley tracks back to the A9.
Geal-charn has two summit cairns, that to the SW being the higher. A'Mharconaich has two tops, that to the NE now being recognised as the summit.
Sgairneach Mhor can be scaled from the track in Coire Dhomhain using either its NNW ridge or its NE ridge
Conditions: Excellent walking weather: dry, sunny spells, light wind, 18°C initially at Drumochter Pass layby, 20°C by finish.

1000 Park at A9 Layby 81 on left at pass summit
(or at Balsporran Cottages)
435   00.0 milesNN63127605Orange
  To cross railway:

1100yds S to railway underpass at NN63327509
Or: 600yds S on cycle track, then path to
railway bridge over river at NN632753,
and cross over railway to right (N) of bridge.
1030 Track W up Coire Dhomhain to suitable ford
opposite the NE or NW ridge, e.g. at the track end
6301953.0 milesNN59327415 
1120 Ascend NE or NW ridge to
M Sgairneach Mhor (trig post)
9915553.75 milesNN59877312Orange
1145 SW/W to bealach 810 4.8 milesNN58277281 
1210 NW/N to M Beinn Udlamain 10117555.7 milesNN57957398No Orange
  NE/E/NE on ridge over two bumps to bealach 8557707.0 milesNN59167523 
  NE/ENE to A'Mharconaich SW top 975890 NN60167588 
1255 NE to M A'Mharconaich, NE top (summit) 9759008.1 milesNN60427631Orange
  W/NW direct to bealach 739 9.1 milesNN59267662 
Ridge N/NE to M Geal-charn (two cairns) 917108010.2 milesNN59647827No Orange
1435 Descend NE ridge by peaty path
then track E to A9 at Balsporran Cottages
425 12.5 milesNN62827918Orange
1510 Cycle track S beside A9 to Layby 81. 435110014.9 milesNN63127605Orange

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