Colin's Munros


Geal-charn & A'Mharconaich (Drumochter Pass); Map 393, 24th March 2004

Route: 740m=2430' ascent, 8.2 miles.

Comment: This could have been part of a (sensible) longer walking involving Sgairneach Mhor & Beinn Udlamain, but it was convenient to break it into two parts to do on journeys between home and the far north. The other half is described on the previous page.
Route: The usual route over these two hills is given by It uses the NE ridges of both mountains. Here the route follows the valley track from Balsporran Cottages to the bealach between the two Munros and back. This provides more shelter from bad weather although 1.5 miles longer.
Note that Geal-charn has two summit cairns, that to the SW being the higher. Also, the summit of A'Mharconaich is the NE top of its two tops.

1. Park just off A9 in car park at Balsporran Cottages 425   0
2. Path SW to ridge above bealach NN594770 750325
3. Ridge N to M Geal-charn NN596782 917495
4. Return S to bealach NN593766 739 
5. SE direct to A'Mharconaich SW top (Bruach...) 975730
6. NE to col 965 
7. NE to M A'Mharconaich, NE top, NN604762 975740
8. Down NE ridge to 750m NN610774,
then N down to valley track, & back to car.

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