Colin's Munros


Glas Maol & Creag Leacach, maps 43; 14th March 2011

Route: Ascent 780m = 2560', 7.7 miles, 5.5hrs.

Route: Because of poor conditions and lack of time, this is a shortened version of the walk here. That walk includes Cairn of Claise & Carn an Tuirc and optionally Tom Buidhe and Tolmount. The first two of these were climbed the following day, as described here.
Conditions: A93 closed because of snow until after 11am. Hence the late start and shortened walk. 1°C at Spittal; Overcast till cairn at NO15987591; Sunny intervals thereafter. Whiteout from Little Glas Maol to cairn at NO15987591 (Hence slow speed there.) Snow underfoot throughout; in cloud from Glas Maol summit to cairn at NO15987591; Light winds.

1150 Glen Shee car park at boundary 666   00.0 miNO14147750Orange
1255 Path/trk E to T Meall Odhar 9222551.0 miNO15587737Orange
1330 Continue SE to M Glas Maol 10684201.9 miNO16707658Orange
1355 SE to T Little Glas Maol 9734402.6 miNO17587594No Orange
  W to Cairn 955 3.8 miNO15987591 
  S to top 9454854.3 miNO15977517 
1530 SW to M Creag Leacach 9875504.75 miNO15467456Orange
1550 SW/W to T Creag Leacach SW Top 9435755.25 miNO14937417Orange
1650 NW to road (A93) at "P" 4606156.55 miNO15287485 
1720 A93 N back to car at Glen Shee 6667807.7 miNO14147750Orange

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