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Glas Maol, Cairn of Claise & Carn an Tuirc, maps 43; 15th March 2011

Route: Ascent 807m = 2650', 11.3 miles, 7hrs 40mins.

Route: In better conditions Creag Leacach would have been included. The GPS route in the link above includes it.
Conditions: Moderate winds; snow falling continuously after Glas Maol; cloud on tops after Glas Maol; 100% overcast; snow underfoot; 1'–2' soft, heavy snow from NO14898004 to NO14768001.
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0705 Glen Shee car park at boundary 666    00.0 miNO14147750Orange
0805 Path/trk E to T Meall Odhar 9222621.1miNO15587737Orange
0835 Continue SE to nr M Glas Maol 10654252.0miNO16467675Orange
 — Optional detour to M Creag Leacach,
its S top and T Little Glas Maol.
0855 Path NNW/NE to bealach 950 2.8miNO17087778 
0930 NE to lochan 9634493.55miNO18047830 
1000 ESE/SSE to T Druim Mor 9614654.6miNO19017716 
1045-50 N to M Cairn Claise 10645845.75miNO18557891Orange
1120-35 N then NW to col NO183803 955    
1200 WNW to M Carn an Tuirc 10196487.3miNO17428049Orange
1215 Descend NE/N/NW/W to house 8266487.8miNO17258099 
1405 Path by burn WSW to bridge.
(A steel footbridge 100m
upstream on Cairnwell Burn from
stone bridge marked on map.)
507 9.45miNO14898004 
  Cross bridge to road (A93) 5336749.55miNO14768001Orange
1445 Road S back to car at Glen Shee 66680711.3miNO14147750Orange

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