Colin's Munros


Glas Maol & Tolmount etc., maps 43 & 44; 30th October 2003

Route: Ascent 1420m = 4660', 21.3 miles, 8.5hrs.

Route: This route is a good length for a full day's walking, but can easily be shortened by omitting Munro tops, or the detour to include Tolmount and Tom Buidhe. With two cars or 2¾ miles walking up the A93, all the Munros could be covered with much less effort as here.
The terrain is mostly excellent with fast paths in many places. However, a few paths have been ruined by the unbridled use of ATVs such as on the track up Cairn of Claise from Lochcallater Lodge where there are up to four pairs of very deep, parallel trenches in the peat – see here. Creag Leacach is slightly rocky and so traversing it is a little slower.
(I inadvertantly missed out Crow Craigies and had to return to do it. Hence the odd times below!)
Tolmount and Tom Buidhe can also be attached to a walk up Broad Cairn from the head of Glen Clova or from Spittal of Glenmuick.

0655 Park 1.5 miles S of Glen Shee Ski Centre"P" 49500.0 milesNO13967573
0745 SW to T Creag Leacach SW Top 9434801.33 milesNO14937417
0755 E/NE to M Creag Leacach 9875501.8 milesNO15467456
0840 NNE/E to T Little Glas Maol 9736253.9 milesNO17587594
  N along 950m contour via Craigie Doubs
to lochan at bealach
or use path higher up slope.
9457005.6 milesNO17587777
0935 NE to M Cairn Claise 10648156.55 milesNO18557891
  N then NW to col 955 7.55 milesNO18318030
1005 W to M Carn an Tuirc 10198858.15 milesNO17428049
  Return E to col 955 8.7 milesNO18318030
1055 ESE to col 885 10.3 milesNO20587943
NE to M Tolmount 95895510.8 milesNO21078001
1205 ENE/SE to T Crow Craigies 920100011.6 milesNO22227985
  Back NE to skirt col 874 12.0 milesNO21638018
1140 SW/S/SE to M Tom Buidhe 957111013.15 milesNO21417877
1240 Descend W to Ca Whims 905112013.7 milesNO20577880
  Contour W/SW/S up to bealach 940120015.2 milesNO18837790
1325 Then S to T Druim Mor 961122015.66 milesNO19027715
  N/NW to lochan 963124016.7 milesNO18047830
1420 Path SW to M Glas Maol 1068136518.33 milesNO16707658
1440 NW down to T Meall Odhar 922138519.2 milesNO15587737
1524 Path W/S/W down Leacann Dubh to car 495142021.3 milesNO13967573

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