Colin's Munros


Seana Bhraigh, Eididh nan Clach Geala, Meall nan Ceapraichean, Cona' Mheall & Beinn Dearg
Map 20; 13th July 2007

Route: 2290m = 7500' ascent; 10½ hrs; 22.5 miles.

Access: Drive to Inverlael, on A835 just S of Ullapool at head of Loch Broom. There is now much improved parking at the marked telephone S of the bridge over the river at Inverlael.
Route: This is a long but very enjoyable walk if you're fit enough.
There is an excellent cyclable track in the forest, and also very good/excellent tracks/paths as far as Coire an Lochan Sgeirich and all the way down Gleann na Sguaib. The NW ridge of Beinn Dearg is good and easy with views but not nearly as fast as the valley path; either can be chosen. The terrain is mostly very straightforward except over the moor from Cadha Dearg to Eididh nan Clach Geala. Most of the tops are rocky, but easy for hopping over if you like that. The rocks were in a dry state on this occasion and so this was fast. The plateau of Seana Bhraigh is easy grass/fragile moss with excellent views for those willing to walk round the corrie rim towards Creag an Duine.
Conditions: Warm day: 17°C initially; just below cloud all day; light drizzle am; dry pm except for heavy shower 1735-1800.

0845 Car park on A835 at Inverlael   10   00.0 milesNH18198524Orange
0910 Take cyclable track S of river to bridge at Glensguaib.
(First bridge is not visible where track comes
down from right. Glensguaib is now a pile of rubble)
1101001.45 milesNH20468518 
0930 Very good path E above Allt Gleann a' Mhadaidh:
gate at forest edge
2402302.0 milesNH21068554 
Path to peat hacks on ridge end 4003902.6 milesNH22078529 
0955 VG path E to river crossing NH226854 4354403.0 milesNH22628533 
1030 Path E to lochans in Coire an Lochan Sgeirich
(Cross outlet at first lochan)
6406554.66 milesNH25148577 
1105 Path E to cairn at top of ascent 7507655.8 milesNH26868539 
1110 E along line of cairns to end of path marked on map 7607756.05 milesNH27228548 
1115 N (towards Seana Bhraigh) to col 7757906.25 milesNH27398580 
1120 Contour N then down to lochans 715 6.5 milesNH27588609 
1135 E on corrie rim to bealach at NH283861 6757907.0 milesNH28338609 
1145 E to E end of beallach at Cadha Dearg 6908057.15 milesNH28588620 
1210 N to top 906 for view. (This can be by-passed.) 90610207.85 milesNH28838721 
1215 NNW to col 845 8.15 milesNH28518759 
NW to M Seana Bhraigh 92611058.4 milesNH28168787Weak Orange
1300 Return S initially on path contouring round pt 906
(keep high line to avoid worst of peat bog round corrie
rim) back to E end of bealach at Cadha Dearg
69011309.6 milesNH28588620 
1310 SW to near edge of Loch a'Chadha Dheirg 650 9.8 milesNH28338588 
1325 Head WSW for left end of the line of cliffs,
then SW to river crossing
700118510.3 milesNH27878526 
1350 Slow peat bog and rocks to top 863135011.0 milesNH27168441 
1400 Easy grass/fragile moss WNW to col 820 11.7 milesNH26108477 
Moss/rocks WSW to two cairns of
M Eididh nan Clach Geala
927147012.2 milesNH25788422Orange
1445 SE down ridge keeping well left of any cliffs for an easy life
& heading for E edge of larger lochan on bealach.
Turn S to cross bealach at narrow section between lochans.
755 12.7 milesNH26528379 
1510 S/W up grassy shelf (as far as possible)
then over rocks to T Ceann Garbh
968168513.3 milesNH25978306 
  SSW over rocks to col 945 13.5 milesNH25778281 
1520 S over rocks to M Meall nan Ceapraichean
(Orange 200m SE down ridge)
977172013.67 milesNH25718257No Orange
1545 SE on rocks then mostly grass to bealach by lochans (at wall) 850 14.33 milesNH26408180 
  ESE over rocks, then grass to bealach below Cona Mheall 813174014.65 milesNH26878179 
1610 ESE over rocks, then grass over bealach, then rocks to
M Cona' Mheall (rocky)
980191015.05 milesNH27498166Orange
  Return WNW over rocks, then grass to bealach. 813 15.45 milesNH26878179 
1635 Continue WNW back to bealach at wall by lochans 850197015.75 milesNH26408180 
1655 Path SW beside wall to gap in wall near summit 1035215516.1 milesNH26008141 
1700 SW to M Beinn Dearg (rocky). Two options here: the fast
valley path in Gleann na Sguaib or the NW ridge with its views.
1084220516.25 milesNH25948120Orange
1750 NW/W/NW over grass and easy rocks down
NW ridge to large cairn on wall, NH230828
740226018.4 milesNH23068281Orange
  Continue down ridge to 550m 550 18.8 milesNH22588324 
1820 NE down grass to River Lael (just below Eas Fionn)
& up to valley path.
400229019.25 milesNH23018375 
1845 Path NW to track end at forest edge 160 20.5 milesNH21428496 
1900 Track W to bridge by Glensguaib 110 21.15 milesNH20468518 
1920 Track W through forest to parking at Inverlael   10229022.6 milesNH18198524Orange

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