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Beinn Dearg, Cona' Mheall & Am Faochagach, Map 20; 6th September 2004

Route: 1505m = 4940' ascent; 13.5 miles; 7hr 40mins.

Beinn Dearg and Cona' Mheall from Am Foachagach

Evaluation: 4 star.
Route: This strange collection of hills remained after I had bagged Seana Bhraigh on a previous occasion. However, it makes sense for the scenery on the east side of Beinn Dearg. It includes fine views into Choire Ghranda from the south ridge of Beinn Dearg, a very pleasant visit to Loch Prille, and views of the magnificent cliffs above Loch a' Choire Ghranda from Am Faochagach.
There is a useful stretch of stalkers' path shown on the 1:25000 OS map west of Loch a' Gharbhrain. If the Allt a' Gharbhrain is in spate, continue NW to about 440m (NH25387887) and ascend Beinn Dearg via the Allt Beinn Dearg. If the Abhainn a'Gharbhrain is in spate, cross it safely 150m S from Loch a'Gharbhrain by a reed bed, NH2818075557 (GPS). Here the river bed pebbles are much smaller and not slippery, the river is much wider and of a more consistent depth, and there are no concentrations of flow at any point, making it a safe point to cross. Even after prolonged heavy rain, I have waded across without any problem with water at most knee deep but, of course, wet feet are the result.
Sticks useful for descending the first steep 100m from Cona' Mheall and for fording the Allt a' Gharbhrain and the Abhainn a' Gharbhrain. The main downsides to this walk are the very boggy path between the road and the Abhainn a' Gharbhrain, and fording that river.

0825 Park by former weather station on A835 at
NW end of Loch Glascarnoch NH277744
270   00.0 milesNH27657428
  From opposite side of A835, take very boggy
path NW/N towards L. a' Gharbhrain.
Continue up W side of the loch then by
Allt a' Gharbhrain to stream from right.
3801102.6 milesNH26437787
  Ascend burn NE towards L. nan Eilean,
then NNW up ridge to plateau.
8055353.67 milesNH26357942
  Skirt pt 885 on left 8856154.05 milesNH26707996
1030 N to col 825 4.25 milesNH26598027
1110 N/NW/W up nice ridge to M Beinn Dearg 10848755.05 milesNH25948120
1140 Go due N from summit cairn to intersect
path down at dike. Descend NE by path
on NW side of dike to lochan on bealach
855 5.5 milesNH26328182
1145 Take path contouring round S of 886m lump
E to bealach
8158755.85 milesNH26888178
1205 Path ESE up to M Cona' Mheall (980) 97810406.25 milesNH27498166
1310 NNE to corner of plateau, then steep descent
E down cliffs to Loch Prille. (It may be easier
leaving summit ridge 100m S of summit)
545 7.13 milesNH28788156
1410 Straightforward ford of loch exit stream
then ascend SE/S to Meallan Ban (large cairn)
88213808.37 milesNH29838009
1425 Continue SSE up to M Am Faochagach
(boring except for view)
95414758.9 milesNH30367939
1445 Descend SW/S to cairn 84515009.8 milesNH29987807
  Continue SW to col 710 10.9 milesNH30367701
1545 Descend path to the river ford at NH28137531 or
veer over to L. a'Gharbhrain and ford its outflow.
The latter is safer, flat, shallow and easy.
275 12.1 milesNH28187554
1605 Boggy path S to car park on A835 at bridge. 270150513.05 milesNH27657428

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