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Seana Bhraigh, Eididh nan Clach Geala & Meall nan Ceapraichean
Map 20; 25th March 2004 & 15th March 2016

Route 25/3/04: 1800m = 5915' ascent; 11 hrs; 21.5 miles
Route 15/3/16: 1525m = 5000' ascent; 11 hrs; 18.3 miles

Access: Drive to Inverlael, on A835 just S of Ullapool at head of Loch Broom. There is now a decent car parking area at the Old School House.
Route: There is a great view of the northern corrie of Seana Bhraigh and it is well worth contouring round its rim to Creag an Duine. The final pinnacle of Creag an Duine is a bit of a scramble, probably to be approached up its grassier eastern side but I ran out of time to attempt it with its snow cover.
As the route takes one over a bealach at 750m, it is worth making a detour to some of the Munros adjacent to that bealach: Eididh nan Clach Geala & Meall nan Ceapraichean and perhaps Cona' Mheall & Beinn Dearg, in particular. All of these are combined in the walk given here.
There are good paths wherever marked on the map.

(0910)0620 Parking at Inverlael 10   00.0 milesNH18198524
09400650 Track E above river to bridge at Glensguaib 1101001.4 milesNH20468518
0955  Path E up ridge above Allt Gleann a' Mhadaidh to forest edge 2302202.0 milesNH21068554
10300750 Continue E along path to river crossing 4354403.0 milesNH22628533
1120  Continue on path E to lochans 6406654.7 milesNH25148577
12300940-1000 Pass just S of point 806 7757906.25 milesNH27398580
12501030 ENE down ravine to bealach 675 6.9 milesNH28338609
13501120-1125 Ascend E/NE/N above lip of corrie, and
contour round below pt 906 to M Seana Bhraigh.
92710508.2 milesNH28168787
 —  Optional detour: SE over col (844m) to top 90611158.8 milesNH28838721
 —1205 NE round corrie rim to last bump before Creag an Duine 89211909.5 milesNH29648780
 — — Optionally climb final pinnacle of Creag an Duine 90512059.6 milesNH29698800
 —1230 Return SW to col SE of pt 906 838122510.45 milesNH29098678
14351250 SW to main bealach 675 11.1 milesNH28338609
15001330 Re-ascend WSW through ravine to pass 775132511.7 milesNH27398580
 —  S over plateau & up to top 863144012.6 milesNH27168441
 1430 ENE to col 820145013.3 milesNH26108477
16051450-1505 SW/S to M Eididh nan Clach Geala 927156013.8 milesNH25788422
 —1605-1610 Either Escape down W ridge to valley at path join 435156015.6 milesNH23388350
1635 — Or SE down ridge to bealach beside lochan 755 14.25 milesNH26438380
1715 — S then W up to T Ceann Garbh 967177014.8 milesNH25978306
  — SSW to col 945 15.0 milesNH25778281
1735 — S to M Meall nan Ceapraichean 977180015.15 milesNH25718257
1755 — SE to bealach by lochans 855 15.6 milesNH26198206
1820 — W to lochan on path down Gleann na Sguaib 666 16.3 milesNH25388223
  — Path WNW/NW to path join 435 17.85 milesNH23388350
19251650 Path NW to track end at forest edge 160 19.4 milesNH21428496
(2010)1730 Parking at Inverlael 10180321.5 milesNH18198524

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