Colin's Munros


The Cairnwell, Carn Aosda & Carn a'Gheoidh
Map 43; 26th May 2007

Route: Ascent 945m = 3100'; 11.2 miles; 4 hrs.

Route: It is a slight exaggeration to call this a circular walk. It starts and finishes at the same point, namely the Glen Shee Ski Centre. However, most the outward walk to Carn a'Gheoidh, or the top beyond, is repeated in returning to the start.
Rather more interesting, on a previous occasion I was able to return to a different spot from my starting point, and so was able to include Carn nan Righ & Glas Tulaichean.
The route can be shortened considerably by omitting the Munro top Carn Bhinnein, thereby saving over 2.5 miles and 180m ascent. However, this top is well worth a visit and should certainly be included if possible.
Weather: Occasional snow showers (in late May!), sunny intervals.

108.55 Glen Shee Ski Centre 650   00.0 milesNO13877820
209.20 Ski access track N to M Carn Aosda 9172701.5 milesNO13407919
309.25 W to Carn Aosda W top (optional) 905285  NO13117930
409.35 Path SW to col 795   NO12747856
510.00 Track SE/S/SE to M The Cairnwell 9334353.0 milesNO13507738
610.10 Return NNW along track to just beyond
larger bump then path WNW to bealach
8104403.7 milesNO12747811
710.20 Path SW to lochans 8555004.25 milesNO12147755
S to Carn nan Sac (3 cairns: highest is nearest &
to the right, not along the lefthand corrie edge.)
Continue SE to farthest cairn for best view.
9205854.7 milesNO11947694
911.00 Path WNW/WSW to M Carn a' Gheoidh 9756605.9 milesNO10727669
1011.15 Path W to "lochan" – now a dried up peat expanse 852   NO09477685
1111.25 SSW to T Carn Bhinnein 9177257.3 milesNO09147629
1211.35 Return NNE to "lochan" 852   NO09477685
1311.55 Path E to M Carn a' Gheoidh 9758508.7 milesNO10727669
1412.10 Path E to Carn nan Sac (slightly by-passed) 9208609.45 milesNO11947694
1512.15 Path NNE to lochans 8558909.8 milesNO12147755
1612.25 Path NE over bumps & down to bealach 81093010.35 milesNO12747811
1712.30 Path NE to track on ridge of Cairnwell above col 82594510.6 milesNO13007837
1812.45 Direct pathless descent to Glen Shee Ski Centre
or head N to the bealach and follow a path down
650 11.2 milesNO13877820

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