Colin's Munros


Carn Aosda, The Cairnwell, Carn a' Gheoidh, Carn nan Righ & Glas Tulaichean
map 43; 9th August 2003

Route: Ascent 1600m = 5250'; Distance 18.8 miles; Time: 8hr 15mins.

Route: This starts at Glen Shee Ski Centre but finishes at Spittal of Glenshee. It's a slightly unnatural route because of the traverse from Carn Bhinnein to Loch nan Eun but otherwise the terrain is very pleasant and the addition of Carn nan Righ and Glas Tulaichean to The Cairnwell group extends a short day to a good outing.
If circular walks are required, Carn nan Righ and Glas Tulaichean can easily be climbed together from Spittal of Glenshee, and the other three Munros from the Ski Centre as here. Alternatively, one or both of Carn nan Righ and Glas Tulaichean can be climbed with Beinn Iutharn Mhor from Inverey to the north, as here.

0830 Glen Shee Ski Centre 650   00.0 milesNO13877820
0850 NW/N to M Carn Aosda 9172700.9 milesNO13407919
0855 (Optional) W to Carn Aosda W top 9032851.1 milesNO13097930
  SSW/S to col 795 1.65 milesNO12747856
SSE to M The Cairnwell 9334502.6 milesNO13507738
1015 NNW/W/SW to Carn nan Sac
(to farthest pt, ¼ mile beyond top for view)
9206304.45 milesNO11947694
1040 W to M Carn a' Gheoidh 9757105.35 milesNO10727669
1115 W/SW to T Carn Bhinnein
almost worthy of mountain status
9177756.6 milesNO09147629
1140 N to bealach 675 7.6 milesNO09027769
1225 W to Carn a' Chlarsaich
(either directly or along boundary)
8719708.9+ milesNO06887791
1230 W to outlet from Loch nan Eun 785 9.2 milesNO06397785
1300 WSW on very poor terrain to E end of path 760101010.2 milesNO05037737
W on path to M Carn nan Righ 1029129011.6 milesNO02867726
  E down path back to its end 760130013.05 milesNO05037737
1500 SE/S/SW up ridge to M Glas Tulaichean 1051159014.1 milesNO05107600
1600 Descend track W for 250yds then
S to Glen Lochsie Lodge
500 16.8 milesNO06257260
1645 Track SE to Dalmunzie House Hotel 370159018.8 milesNO09137127

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