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Beinn Mhanach, Map 377E; 2nd February 2006

Route: 890m = 2925' ascent; 11.5 miles; 5 hrs

Route: A short walk for day of return journey from holiday. This route is best done in fairly dry weather because of fords. The hardest river crossings are of the Allt Kinglass. They can be avoided by keeping to the E side of the river even when the track crosses to the W side. If necessary, also stick to the S side of its tributary, the Allt a'Chuirn. Barring a significant detour, there is then just the unavoidable fording of the Allt Coralan. Both the Allt Coralan and Allt a'Chuirn have crossings built with concrete sleepers which provide a firm foothold against the current. The Allt Coralan is the more difficult of these two rivers to cross and the first ford encountered.
Access: The walk starts on the A82 midway between Tyndrum & Bridge of Orchy at the private road to Auch Farm. Park on the right 100m down road to Auch just before the "private road" notice where there is space for four or five cars. If necessary, there is also limited parking on the southbound side of the A82, 100m south of the Auch Farm road. The ascents/descents between the track and the tops are direct and therefore steep, but quite straightforward.
There is a grassy path starting where the track crosses the Allt Tarabhan. It follows the west side of a line of old fence posts from the track end up to where it bends near the col between Beinn Mhanach and Beinn a' Chuirn. (Consult the OS 1:25000 map to see the boundary where the fence was.)
Weather: 4°C at car; totally overcast, cloud level 5000', valley ground very boggy but fortunately frozen, resulting in low water levels for forded rivers. No rain, but whisps of cloud clinging to hills at most levels from road up.
Rating: Boring hills, but good views from tops.
Mobile: No Orange at W. Highland Way; good signal by A82.

 — Parking just off A82 towards Auch 240   00.0 miles NN31743537
0850 Road E/NE to West Highland Way 200   00.7 miles NN32703571
0855 Track NE up Gleann Ach'-innis Chailein to
deep ford over Allt Coralan. (Easy after
2 weeks of no rain and freezing conditions)
210  101.03 milesNN33203589
0900 Track NE under viaduct 220  251.33 milesNN33513625
  If necessary, stay on SE bank of Allt Kinglass till
just before barn buildings at Ais-an t-Sidhean.
0930 Pass edge of trees 260  702.95 milesNN34933821
0935 Track where it returns to E bank 265  753.05 milesNN35033837
0945 Cross to W side of Allt a'Chuirn at ford
and barns (Ais-an t-Sidhean).
275  853.5 milesNN35283894
0950 NE to next ford 2901003.75 milesNN35463928
1005 Track N/NW to point where hydro-electric
road reaches pipeline level
3902004.3 milesNN35463987
1100 Head NNE directly up hill (left skyline from barns)
– a steep but easy grassy ascent to
T Beinn a'Chuirn
9237335.05 milesNN36004092
1110 ENE to Col 849 5.47 milesNN36594124
1125 E to M Beinn Mhanach
(Excellent view of surrounding hills from here:
B.Achaladair, B.Lawers, B.Nevis, Cairngorms)
9538405.93 milesNN37374114
1205 Head SW to valley track at about 350m 350 7.0 milesNN36493966
1210 W to track split 310 7.5 milesNN35773956
1220 S on W bank to barns (Ais-an t-Sidhean) and river ford. 275 8.0 milesNN35283894
1250 Path S to rejoin track at ford 245 9.33 milesNN34123738
1305 Track SSW to viaduct 220 10.2 milesNN33513625
1310 SW to ford of Allt Coralan 210 10.5 milesNN33203589
1315 Track WSW back to W. Highland Way 200 10.8 milesNN32703571
 — Road SW to parking just before A82 24089011.5 miles NN31743537

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