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Carn Dearg (Newtonmore), Carn Sgulain & A'Chailleach
Maps 35 & 402; 19th Nov 2005 & 24th Jul 2008

Route: Ascent 1055m = 3500', 16 miles; 7hrs

Loch Dubh & Sron nan Laogh from Carn Dearg.

Access: From A9 N, take turn off for Newtonmore, join A86, then go immediately left up the hill (Old Glen Road) and bear left onto Glen Road, or take second left (Glen Road), and continue to Glen Banchor. Park after 1.75 miles at the end of the road, NN69289978.
Route Tips: Carn Dearg can be ascended by going either side of, or over, Carn Macoul. The route via Loch Dubh may be a little more scenic but is slightly longer.
• Note that the Allt Ballach has to be forded. This should be OK even when in spate, although perhaps only with wet feet.
• Note also that, when in spate, the Allt an Lochain Duibh splits into three parts with two not insubstantial streams to the east of the main river. These may be inadvertantly crossed to the west side only to need re-crossing back to the east side. In very wet weather walk up to Dalballoch and then NW rather than W to the main river.
• All the paths are wet and boggy, but watch out particularly for the deep peat bog at the col just east of Meall a' Bhothain at NH67130565.
• The last river to cross is the Allt a'Chaorainn towards the end of the walk. This can be too dangerous to ford when in spate. However, there is a bridge at NH6906501279. Although somewhat unsafe in April 2018, it was in the process of being renewed then, with fresh timbers already on site.
• Navigation is easy in cloud: the route just follows the boundary fence posts between Carn Ban and Carn Sgulain.

Weather 19/11/05: Cold; full cloud cover, cloud base 3000' & falling; dry; E wind veering to SW; –4°C at start, rising to +2°C at end. 24/07/08: Dull & windy, but warm & dry.
Terrain 19/11/05: Tracks OK, but paths all very poor – extremely wet & terribly boggy. Much improved by being frozen, but then paths all slippery with large ice patches. 24/07/08: Tracks OK, but paths still wet & boggy even after 4+ days of hot, dry weather.

19/11/0524/07/08 Description Alt.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.Mob.
08450950 Park in Glen Banchor at end of road 300   00.0 milesNN69279976Orange
09001005 Track W by R. Calder to Glenballoch 320  201.0 milesNN67989927 
09351045 Poor, boggy path SW/W from SW corner of
Glenballoch to straight-forward ford near Dalballoch
350  502.5 milesNN65939866 
1045 – EITHER:
Path up Gleann Lochain to just SE of L. Dubh.
(A new track goes up conveniently to E of loch.)
6453455.2 milesNH63300110 
1050 – Leave track & head due E to ridge. 770 5.6 milesNH63900110 
 –1115 OR: Animal track 1.2 miles NNW up Gleann Ballach     
 –1155 Over rough moor NW to col N of Carn Macoul
(An ascent of Carn Macoul is possible.)
725425 NH63950087 
11201220 THEN: N up ridge to T Carn Dearg S Top 9236256.0 milesNH63760176Orange
   N to col 905  NH63630209 
11301230 N to M Carn Dearg 9456656.4 milesNH63550240Orange
   NNW to col 885  NH63280267 
11501245 N to T Carn Ban (Carn Mairg)  From here
to Carn Sgulain, follow boundary fence posts.
9427256.95 milesNH63170313Orange
12101300 NE to col just E of Lochan Uisge 875 7.5 milesNH63640387 
12251315 NE to T Carn Ballach SW Top 9207708.1 milesNH64350449No Orange
  NE to X Carn Ballach NE Top 920780 NH64780477 
NE along ups and downs following fence posts to the
3 tops of Meall na Creughaich around a small lochan
900 8.95 milesNH65230542 
 1345 ENE to minor bump at boundary bend 905815 NH65680563 
   E to col 875 9.5 milesNH66060551 
13101355 E to Meall a' Bhothain 9118509.7 milesNH66370565 
13251410 E to col. (Beware of treacherous peat bog here) 850 10.25 milesNH67130565 
13351420 E to minor top 908910 NH67650565Orange
   E to shallow col 890  NH67990563 
14001430 ENE to M Carn Sgulain
Small cairn first, then main cairn after 50yds.
92094011.1 milesNH68380586Orange
14301500 Return WSW almost to minor top, then follow straight
line S over extensive very wet peat bog to pass.
(Head directly towards the top of A'Chailleach.
Don't bother to seek out the highest pt of the pass.)
815 11.9 milesNH67800477 
S to M A'Chailleach 930105512.35 milesNH68120416 
15351550 Initially WSW down ridge then, after 300 yds,
SE down path to house.
(The path heads directly towards the track end.)
525 14.05 milesNH68800230 
SE to cross Allt a'Chaorainn at 500m or
if necessary, continue S to footbridge at 400m
 14.5 miles
S to track end by Allt a'Chaorainn 480 14.8 milesNH69150135 
16201645 S down track to P at road end in Glen Banchor. 310105515.95 milesNN69279976Orange

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