Colin's Munros


Bidean nam Bian, Map 384; 9th January 2005

Route: 1250m = 4100' ascent; 4.6 miles

Route: This short walk is complementary to the one for Stob Coire Sgreamhach but the two mountains are combined in a more satisfying outing here. Nevertheless, each of the northeast facing glens and corries of this range have their own unique characters and are well worth exploring. The slow times listed for this walk are the result of very adverse weather conditions, as noted below.
Park in loop of old road which is at the beginning of the road to Achnambeithach. The well engineered ascent path starts at a gate on the west end of the bridge over R. Coe opposite the Clachaig Inn road. Stay on the west bank. Where the river splits into two main streams, the path goes up between the streams, and then splits, one path to each coire. This route ascends by the lefthand (eastern) one and descends via the righthand (western) one, but the walk could equally well be done in the reverse direction. Indeed, route finding is almost certainly easier in the anti-clockwise direction. Note, for example, that from each of the three tops of Bidean, the path along the ridge leaves close to due West, which is not what one would really expect from the general direction of the ridge.

Weather: Continuous medium rain, medium winds. Wet heavy snow underfoot above 1500'. Thawing with all rivers in very high spate. Cloud level about 850m. No visibility above this.

0855 Park off A82 opposite end of Clachaig Inn road   90   00.0 milesNN13905667
1000 Cross A82 bridge, and ascend path on W side of
Allt Coire nam Beithach S to river split
5054200.87 milesNN13905541
Follow path S up between rivers for 100m or so,
then take left branch of path into coire under
Stob Coire nan Lochan
and ascend easily SW to bealach
9809101.6 milesNN14595449
1220 NE to T Stob Coire nan Lochan 111510301.9 milesNN14845487
1235 Return SW to bealach 980 2.15 milesNN14595449
1320 Continue SW to M Bidean nam Bian (cairn) 115011852.4 milesNN14365421
  W to col 1120 2.45 milesNN14255419
1330 NW to Bidean nam Bian W top cairn 114112002.55 milesNN14145427
  200yds WSW then NW/NNW/N to col 1075 2.75 milesNN13915445
1355 N to T Stob Coire nam Beith 110712352.85 milesNN13905457
1415 W/NW/NNW to Bealach An t-Sron.
The descent here is easy to spot as the ground falls
all the way from the top to this point and then rises
immediately beyond with the path clearly descending
off the ridge, even when some snow is present.)
895 3.2 miles NN13465477
1510 ENE/NE down to rejoin ascent path at river split 505 3.7 milesNN13905541
1555 Path N down to A82 at Clachaig Inn road   90 4.6 milesNN13905667

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