Colin's Munros


Beinn Eibhinn, Geal-Charn & Carn Dearg from L. Laggan. Map 393
30th May 2003 & 4th June 2008

Route: 25 miles (of which 7.6 bikeable), 5150' ascent, 9–10 hrs.

Evaluation: 3*-4* walk, depending on conditions.
Route: By June 2018, the walk in/out could be biked easily from A86 to about 2kms beyond the ruin at Lubvan. The details below give walking (30/5/03) and cycling (4/6/08) times. There are no stepping stones over the Allt Cam at NN444765, so avoid the river in spate. Reasonable deer paths for return along Dubh Lochan valley.
Weather (4/6/08): Warm, dry, scattered high clouds, breeze.

30/5/034/6/08 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid. Ref.
08050845 Park in A86 layby just E of bridge at SW end Loch Laggan 25200.0 milesNN43328307
0845  Walk or cycle S/SE on track to dam at reservoir
(Note the right turn at T-jn after 1.2 miles)
350 2.45 milesNN45278081
09050930 Take right fork S to Lubvan (ruin) & leave bike.
(Note the incorrectly numbered "360m" contour nearby)
380 3.75 milesNN44597896
09451000 S on path by Allt Cam to stepping stones
(which could not be found)
4902405.35 milesNN44457658
 1025 SSW to Allt Gualainn a'Charra Mhoir   6.25 milesNN43997524
10551110 SSW below shoulder of Sron an Fhuarain
to T Mullach Coire nan Nead (Orange)
9226707.6 milesNN43057342
11151130 SE then S to T Meall Glas Choire (No Orange) 9247108.2 milesNN43697280
1130  NNE to Beinn Eibhinn (W top) 10308408.7 milesNN43947351
11501200 E/SE to M Beinn Eibhinn (summit) No Orange 11029209.2 milesNN44807340
12051215 SE/E/NE/N to bealach 975 9.8 milesNN45537371
NE to M Aonach Beag (Orange) 1116106010.2 milesNN45807419
   E to col 1016  NN46257424
12401300 E/NE to M Geal-Charn (Orange) 1132117511.1 milesNN47027463
Follow compass ESE directly to T Sgor Iutharn (No Orange)
(Excellent views down to Loch an Sgoir)
1028123512.3 milesNN48967438
14051420 Contour WNW/N/NE at 960m to T Diollaid a'Chairn
(Perhaps easier to ascend 100m NW back to plateau at 1100m)
922140514.0 milesNN48747581
14301450 ENE/ESE/ENE to M Carn Dearg (Orange) 1034156515.15 milesNN50427644
1500  Return WSW/WNW/WSW to col NN491760
(or, alternatively, start descending NW before col)
875  NN49087593
 —1515 (optionally) WSW back to T Diollaid a'Chairn 922 16.3 milesNN48747581
 1525 NW (with views) to Lochan an Fheoir outflow 790 16.65 milesNN48257597
15451550 Descend WNW directly to Dubh Lochan nr Allt Cam watershed 550 18.0 milesNN46667656
16201625 W on light paths to stepping stones 490 19.4 milesNN44457658
Swim in river pool on hot day!     
16551720 Path N to Lubvan & bike 380 21.0 milesNN44597896
1720  Track N to dam at reservoir 350 22.3 milesNN45278081
18051800 N along path/track to parking at A86 layby. 252156524.75 milesNN43328307

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