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Chno Dearg & Stob Coire Sgriodain (E Loch Treig), map 393
2nd June 2003 & 22nd March 2007

Route: 9.6 miles, 3400' ascent, 4¼ hrs.

Evaluation: 1* walking (boring corrie for most of walk), 3* views (good of Loch Treig) – average overall.
Access: Park at Fersit before first houses.
Route: This can be done in either direction. For the descent from Chno Dearg, make directly for Lochan Coire an Lochain to avoid rocks & scree. Then follow double tracks in the grass when these are reached. This track is fast and joins the road through Fersit at the bridge just E of the barn. (For going in reverse, this track splits 200yds after leaving road.)
Weather 2/6/03: Dry day, just below cloud level, occasional sun, 5° at start at car; 11°C on return. Light but chilly breeze.

2/6/0322/3/07 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid. Ref.Mob.
08101600 Park at Fersit, at N end of Loch Treig 24500.0 milesNN34997817Orange
 1550 E to bridge on track by farm 260  NN35827795 
   Follow Allt Chaorach Beag S to
700m contour, then W to ridge
865  NN35667500 
S to M Stob Coire Sgriodain 9797353.3 milesNN35677436Orange
   S to col at Glac Bhan 913  NN35677408 
10001335 SE to T Stob Coire Sgriodain, S Top 9587803.6 milesNN35907387Orange
   SE passed pt 924 to
lochan at bealach
885  NN36757345 
1035  SE to Meall Garbh (N top) 9758904.5 milesNN37117303Orange
10401250 S to T Meall Garbh (S top) 9769004.7 milesNN37167275Orange
10451245 Return N to Meall Garbh (N top) 9758904.9 milesNN37117303Orange
   NNE to Bealach 923  NN37267353 
NE to M Chno Dearg 104610355.9 milesNN37727408Orange
 0935 NW/NNW down ridge then beside Allt
Chaorach Beag to bridge on track by farm
260  NN35827795 
12250925 Road W to Car Park at Fersit 24510359.6 milesNN34997817Orange

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