Colin's Munros


West Mamores, Map 392/OL32
17 October 2005, 14th May 2009 & 10th June 2015

Route: 10 miles 1900m = 6230' ascent; 9hrs

Access: From the roundabout at Nevis Bridge in Fort William, take the road up Glen Nevis. Park at P on right at Achriabhach just before the road crosses R. Nevis.
Route: The Mamores are best divided into two longish days of fairly equal length. The division point is quite natural and gives two excellent walks. This is one of them, and the other is here.
This may sometimes be easier in the opposite direction because of terrain, finding path and prevailing wind direction. Then start as follows: From the track end at Achriabhach, follow the path up along the edge of the forest parallel to the river as far as the hairpin bend in the forestry track NN140680. Then follow the track NW almost to the Allt a'Choire Riabhaich. A recently improved path starts by going up through the forest a little above the river, emerging at a stile over the deer fence, and then bearing SSE along the fence up to the ridge at NN134676. The path is very poor & boggy for several hundred yards above the stile.
Weather 17/10/05: 14°C at car. Windy and full cloud cover, cloud base 800m, but dry all day except for a couple of short light showers in afternoon. Good paths on "Ring of Steall", but increasingly poor to west of this.
Weather 14/5/09: Sunny day, almost no cloud, no ground snow, strong bitter E wind.
Weather 10/6/15: A dry, sunny day with cool breeze. 22°C at car at end of day.

17/10/0514/5/0910/6/15 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Mob.
073508050715 Lower Falls Car Park at Achriabhach, NN143684.
Exit car park onto road, cross bridge over Allt
Coire a'Mhusgain and ascend SE by obvious good,
well-maintained path up NW ridge of Sgurr A' Mhaim.
  50   00.0 milesNo Orange
07550825  Take left fork at about 200m alt. to go up ridge path.
(The fork is easy to miss.)
 08300750 SE to gate in new deer fence     
08500910  Climb ridge SE to stalkers' path
across Sron Sgurr Mhaim
6706200.95 miles 
0925 Continue SE to M Sgurr A' Mhaim   (Much of this
ascent is over impressive but loose white scree, so some
walkers may prefer this route in the opposite direction.)
109910501.65 milesNo Orange
 10320945 S along Devil's Ridge to Bealach a'Chip. (An easy grass
path almost everywhere; no scrambling or pinnacles.)
10251040  S to T Stob Choire Mhail (no cairn) 99011152.15 miles 
 10501005 S to col 924   
104011001015 SE to T Sgorr an Iubhair 100111902.45 milesOrange
105511151030 SE down ridge to col 880   
ESE/E to M Am Bodach 103213453.25 milesNo Orange
1120 Return W/WNW to col.
(Path from corrie is clear here)
 —1210 — Either: Continue W for about 200m then
leave ridge path, and bear left on rising path
round corrie to ridge below Sgorr an Iubhair.
94514154.07 milesOrange
1200 —1135
Or: NW to T Sgorr an Iubhair
(if not possible to find path avoiding summit.)
100114654.0 milesOrange
 —  SW down knife-edge ridge for 300yds,
to meet path contouring from col to east.
945 4.2 miles 
12301235  Then: Path W dn to col with view of lochan.
Follow the corrie rim on compass bearing if necessary
as paths are patchy.
 12401207 W to bealach at path leaving northwards 75514654.6 miles 
Path W to M Stob Ban 99917005.22 milesOrange
    NNW for 500yds to ridge split NN14636576
(Not easy in cloud to find this point for turning W)
135013501320 Descend W to col at boundary fence 846   
140014001335 W to cairns on minor top NN13926577 9121770  
 14151340 SW to cairn NN13796562 91317706.45 miles 
 1425  WSW to col 875 6.9 miles 
1420 1355 W to cairn, T Mullach nan Coirean, SE top 91718106.45 miles 
  1410 NNW to bump then WNW to col 850   
Either NW to M Mullach nan Coirean 93919007.25 milesOrange
 —  — Or (Optional detour: 1.2 miles, 40m ascent extra)
Contour WSW below Mullach nan Coirean to col
 — W to Meall a' Chaorainn 91018507.8 milesOrange
 —  — Return E to col 875   
 — NE to M Mullach nan Coirean 93919408.45 milesOrange
 15501515 Then NNE for 500 yds,
then ENE/NNE down ridge to fence
1535 Continue NNE to bend in fence 500   
161016251550 Follow terrible wet peaty path by deer fence
NNW down to stile at Allt a'Choire Riabhaich
300 8.83 miles 
1600 Follow good path NNE through forest to forestry track
(Now much improved after timber felling.)
190 9.05 miles 
 1645  SE on forestry track to fork NN13786820     
164016501607 SE along left track to hairpin bend
at Allt a'Choire Dheirg NN14026799
140 9.6 miles 
16501655  Excellent path down forest edge to road at Achriabhach   55   
165517001615 Road E back to Lower Falls car park   50190010.05 milesNo Orange

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