Colin's Munros


Creag Meagaidh & Poite Coire Ardair & Carn Liath, map 401; 1st June 2003 & 23rd March 2007

Route: 1650m=5420' ascent, 17.5 miles, 7½-9¼ hrs.

Evaluation: 4* circuit, and suitable for winter walking.
Access: Park at Loch Laggan/Creag Meagaidh Nature Reserve Car Park.
Route: This route includes all the Munro tops and has an optional detour to the three tops of Beinn a'Chorainn, which is more naturally climbed with Beinn Teallach as here. This detour takes about 2¾ hrs and involves 6.85 miles extra walking and 670m extra ascent.
To start, take the first left on the path 200m after leaving the car park (at NN4813587412) and follow it west to a bridge over the river at NN47558747. Fork right where the track splits, and continue on the ATV track up to 550m at NN46248795 where you may pick up a path taking a direct line up at least most of the rest of Sron a' Ghoire.
There are little used narrow paths out to the minor tops, but clear easy going fast paths round the main ridge, although not heavily used. At the end, the path down from Carn Liath is variable in quality and not always easy to follow – it eventually joins the main valley path at a cairn. The descent path is easy to miss, in which case there are several hundred yards of thick plantation to negotiate before reaching the valley path. There is delicate moss over much of the terrain, so please stick to these paths.
The excursion E out to Coire Dubh is optional and is just there to collect the Munro top. Its deletion would save 4 miles walking and 175m of ascent. Unfortunately, the fragile moss along this ridge is being severely damaged by ATVs coming up from near Garvamore. There are also two other out-lying Munro tops which can be omitted to leave a superb, not too taxing round.

1/06/0323/03/07 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid. Ref.
08050840 Creag Meagaidh Nature Reserve Car Park 260    00.0 milesNN48328726
08150850 Track NW/W to Footbridge (directions above) 295  350.55 milesNN47558747
WNW to T Sron a' Ghoire 10017502.25 milesNN44848779
10001100 SW/W to T Puist Coire Ardair (3rd cairn) 10708553.15 milesNN43648732
SW/S/SE to T Meall Coire Choille-rais (5* view) 10279004.2 milesNN43298624
W/SW/S to T An Cearcallach 9939605.15 milesNN42248540
Return N/NE/N to col
then N/NW/W to M Creag Meagaidh
112811707.25 milesNN41868753
1200 – Optional detour WSW to Bealach a'Bharnish 822 8.7 milesNN39638671
1230 – WSW/W/S to T Beinn a'Chorainn N top 104413959.8 milesNN38408573
1245 – S/SSE to M Beinn a'Chorainn summit 1052144010.3 milesNN38598508
1255 – S to T Beinn a'Chorainn S top 1049146510.65 milesNN38628450
1300 – Return N to M Beinn a'Chorainn summit 1052149511.0 milesNN38598508
1310 – NW/N/NNE back to T Beinn a'Chorainn N top 1044153011.5 milesNN38408573
1330 – N/E/ENE back to Bealach a'Bharnish 822 12.55 milesNN39638671
1410 – E/ENE back to M Creag Meagaidh 1130184014.05 milesNN41868753
14351340 Then ENE/N/NNW to col Uinneag Coire Ardair
(Path goes to W end of pass)
945 8.33 milesNN42568858
1350 NE/ENE to M Poite Coire Ardair, SW end 105312858.65 milesNN42928886
15151425 ENE to T Coire a Chriochairein 991133010.05 milesNN44808993
15301445 NE/ENE to T Meall an t-Snaim 969139010.85 milesNN45909049
SE/E/ENE to M Carn Liath 1006147511.7 milesNN47239036
 1530 ENE to A' Bhuidheanach 967148512.4 milesNN48199085
ENE to T Coire Dubh 916152013.4 milesNN49599168
Return WSW to M Carn Liath 1006165015.1 milesNN47239036
18101755 Descend ridge S to valley path,
then path/track SE to car park
260165017.45 milesNN48328726

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